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Alexis DeJoria, Driver of the Kalitta Motorsports Tequila Patrón Toyota Camry Funny Car

No. 9 (3.881 E.T. at 332.02 MPH)

The Results: 
E1: 3.901 E.T. at 331.94 MPH defeated by Ron Capps 3.880 E.T. at 328.54 MPH

Race Recap:
After making four solid runs throughout qualifying, two of them bonus point- worthy, Alexis DeJoria and her Tequila Patrón Toyota Camry Funny Car team qualified ninth for the prestigious NHRA U.S. Nationals.
While they successfully maintained their 10th ranked position in NHRA’s Countdown to the Championship going into race day, a mere 15 points separated DeJoria and 11th ranked Countdown hopeful Cruz Pedregon. The 12th - 14th ranked drivers, although less of a threat, also had an outside chance of bumping DeJoria out. Securing the coveted 10th spot and having an opportunity to race for the 2017 NHRA Funny Car championship would come down to Monday’s elimination rounds.
DeJoria and her Patrón team were the final pair to run in the opening round of eliminations. While they waited for their matchup with Ron Capps, Team Patrón watched as three out of the four Countdown aspirants hungry for that final tenth spot, including Pedregon, defeated their opponents.  
With Pedregon’s round win, he moved up to the No. 10 spot and bumped DeJoria back to 11th. Team Patrón’s matchup with Capps was now a must-win round in order for DeJoria to still have a shot at qualifying for the Countdown. 
DeJoria powered her Patrón Camry down the Indianapolis strip in 3.901-seconds at 331.94-mph. Despite having the fourth best run of the round, it wasn’t enough to stave off Capps’ 3.880, and Team Patrón would not advance to round two. The loss also meant DeJoria and the Patrón team would not qualify for the 2017 NHRA Countdown to the Championship. While they will not chase a Championship this year, DeJoria and Team Patrón look forward to playing spoiler, and more round wins before the conclusion of the season. 

Alexis DeJoria, Driver
What an intense race this has been. We have a very consistent race car, we just didn’t have what it took to win that first round this morning. I did my best and my team did their best, but unfortunately we weren’t able to qualify for the Countdown this year.
Considering everything we’ve been through this season, the fact that we were even a Top 10 contender is huge, but to say I’m upset right now is an understatement. My heart’s broken for myself, but mainly for my team. They’re my rock. They work so hard and have been through so much.
I want to thank everybody involved- all of our sponsors, and all of the guys on the team for kicking ass and doing a great job all weekend. I couldn’t ask for a better team.
We won a race in Brainerd and the year is not over yet. Tommy [DeLago] and Nicky [Boninfante] have got our Patrón Camry right where it needs to be. We’re just getting better and better, and more consistent with every race. Hopefully we will win some more races before the year’s over and be a good blocker for my teammate, J.R. Todd.                      


Alexis DeJoria, Driver of the Kalitta Motorsports Tequila Patrón Toyota Camry Funny Car

The Results: 

Q1: 3.881 E.T. at 332.02 MPH 
Q2: 3.940 E.T. at 323.50 MPH (One bonus point for fourth quickest run of the session)
Q3: 5.293 E.T. at 137.30 MPH
Q4: 3.923 E.T. at 325.61 MPH
Q5: 3.906 E.T. at 325.06 MPH (One bonus point for fourth quickest run of the session)

The Competition: 

No. 9 Alexis DeJoria vs No. 8 Ron Capps (Lane Choice)


Alexis DeJoria, Driver

We have some really good, consistent runs in the heat under our belt and tomorrow is supposed to be a hot day.I feel confident in our abilities. We have a great team and we're coming off of a fresh win in Brainerd. Indy has been good to us in the past. Let's see what happens tomorrow. We're going to give it our all.

Alexis Win Brainerd.jpg

BRAINERD, Minn. (August 20, 2017)-- Alexis DeJoria raced her Tequila Patrón Toyota Camry Funny Car to victory at the NHRA Nationals at Brainerd International Raceway on Sunday. 
Along the way to the Brainerd Winner's Circle, DeJoria defeated Tim Wilkerson, Cruz Pedregon, John Force and Tommy Johnson Jr. Sunday’s victory was DeJoria’s fifth career Funny Car win and eighth visit to the final round.
The Patrón Funny Car pilot qualified 10th for the Brainerd event and started race day ranked 14th in the NHRA Countdown to the Championship, 48 points out of the No. 10 spot. After defeating Tim Wilkerson in the first round of eliminations, DeJoria found herself in a Countdown-critical matchup with Pedregon. Both DeJoria and Pedregon are part of a fierce five-way battle for the coveted final NHRA Countdown Top 10 spot. DeJoria’s 3.883-second pass easily defeated Pedregon’s 4.505 and advanced Team Patrón to the semifinals.
DeJoria faced John Force in the semifinal round and once again, her expertly-tuned Patrón Camry made another stout run (3.892) and ended the 16-time World Champion’s day.
The final round saw Team Patrón squaring off against Tommy Johnson Jr. Both drivers were quick off of the starting line but Johnson Jr.’s 3.933-second pass was no match for DeJoria’s 3.906.
With the Brainerd victory, DeJoria has moved into the No. 10 Countdown spot and will go into the final event of the regular season defending her Countdown to the Championship berth opportunity, rather than chasing it. DeJoria has a 12-point lead over the 11th ranked Countdown contender.
DeJoria became the 250th female to win a national NHRA event on Sunday and shared the Winners Circle stage with Top Fuel event champion, Leah Pritchett. Sunday’s win marked the first time two female drivers in the nitro categories won the same national event.

No. 10 (3.941 E.T. at 327.43 MPH)

The Results: 

  • E1: 4.416 E.T. at 210.05 MPH defeated Tim Wilkerson 4.650 E.T. at 271.13 MPH
  • E2: 3.883 E.T. at 330.96 MPH defeated Cruz Pedregon 4.505 E.T. at 192.47 MPH
  • E3: 3.892 E.T. at 329.02 MPH defeated John Force 3.909 E.T. at 331.94 MPH
  • E4: 3.906 E.T. at 330.96 MPH defeated Tommy Johnson Jr. 3.933 E.T. at 324.44 MPH

NHRA Countdown to the Championship Points Standing (unofficial):

Alexis DeJoria:

664 points, ranked 10th 
Leads 11th ranked Cruz Pedregon by 12 points
Trails ninth ranked J.R. Todd by 124 points

Alexis DeJoria Brainard Sat.jpg

Alexis DeJoria, Driver of the Kalitta Motorsports Tequila Patrón Toyota Camry Funny Car

The Results: 

Q1: 8.212 E.T. at 89.25 MPH 
Q2: 3.947 E.T. at 330.31 MPH
Q3: 3.941 E.T. at 327.43 MPH
Q4: 8.650 E.T. at 89.20 MPH

The Competition: 
No. 10 Alexis DeJoria vs No. 7 Tim Wilkerson (Lane Choice)

Alexis DeJoria, Driver
It's good to be back out here at Brainerd International Raceway. The fans are always great here and it's a fun race. We've got Timmy tomorrow and we'll see what happens. We're looking for some round wins; we definitely need them. We're just going to go out there, give it our best and have a great time in the process.                        

Alexis DeJoria Seatte.jpg

Alexis DeJoria, Driver of the Kalitta Motorsports Tequila Patrón Toyota Camry Funny Car


No. 7 (3.963 E.T. at 324.05 MPH)

The Results: 

  • E1: 3.931 E.T. at 327.90 MPH defeated Jonnie Lindberg 3.999 E.T. at 322.81 MPH
  • E2: 3.956 E.T. at 324.12 MPH defeated by Matt Hagan 3.958 E.T. at 326.71 MPH

Race Recap:
The consistency and performance that the Tequila Patrón Toyota Camry Funny Car team enjoyed at the previous race in Sonoma carried over into this weekend's event in Seattle.
The Patrón Camry made a clean and quick full pull on every run attempt, including two bonus point-worthy passes during qualifying.
Round one of race day was a critical matchup for Alexis DeJoria and her opponent Jonnie Lindberg, both of whom are chasing a Top 10 spot in NHRA's Countdown to the Championship points ranking. With the starting line advantage and a competitive 3.931-second run, DeJoria earned the round win and advanced to round two.
During DeJoria's round two matchup with Matt Hagan, both cars made solid 3.95-second runs but unfortunately Hagan was able to cross the stripe first, winning on a small holeshot. 

Alexis DeJoria, Driver

I've got to say, we had a pretty good weekend. Our car ran really well every time we hit that starting line. We made it down to the finish line in a very respectable way. We made it to the second round today and our cars were tied in E.T.s but we happened to run against the guy who cuts a 0.61 light. In comparison, my reaction time was pretty much on point with everyone else's, 90s throughout, but that's the luck of the draw. It's unfortunate, we really needed that round, but I have to say we're definitely making headway. We're consistent right now. I'm happy about that. I think we've finally kind of got our rhythm back. It's a little late, but there's a lot of races left and a lot of races left to win. 

NHRA Countdown to the Championship Points Standing:

Alexis DeJoria:
552 points, ranked 14th 
49 points out of 10th


Alexis DeJoria Racing

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